18 Tips How to be A Good Friend - How to make a good friend ? Sometimes when we are in trouble we tend to tell all of our friends . Try to imagine if you don't have friends? With who when you want to tell your problem?

Understand about what makes a good friend is very most critical so that you can be considered a friend to devote our problems. How to be a better friend ? So that your friends can be true friends who will be ready to accept problems for the problems. Here for the tips how to make friends in quotation marks, 'really' friends

how to be a good friend

1 . We should try to find friends who has same hobby

Find friends who have precisely the same hobby could make it no problem finding interesting subject areas of interaction. However , might not exclude people with different hobbies and interests that will be difficult to talk to. Because it's certainly not like that.

2 . Engaged in an activity or public community

When you are involved in an activity, whether it's athletics, art, or technology, definitely will add to the list of new good friends you will meet. The communal community is likely to make you considerably more sensitive to others and of course also meet unique friends

3. If you respect others, consequently others might respect you.

Trying to value others will make us valued by others. Respect friends is the most important factors what makes a good friend. Because, no-one does not desire to be appreciated. Right?

4. Accept that we all have advantages and disadvantages.

Can not assume that each of our friend works with our conditions. Not necessarily, there is certainly someone who satisfies our standards 100%. So it does not have to matter in cases where our good friend has a minor flaw that surely he can be an unique person to talk to

5. Despite the fact that a good friend will certainly not be presently there 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

You don't forget that our friend can be someone who has activities like other humans. So may not expect him to stay 24 hours  x 7 days a week. Our friends also need time for themselves. You also need time for yourself, life is not just sharing stories most suitable? There are other activities such as job and others.

6. Your friend can't read your thoughts, so tell him if something is stuck

A true friend is ready to approve all our habit. It's a fairy tale... if anyone should not like to hear you tell well. Like that, he can give us the best counsel.

7. Support our friends and don't tell us their ugliness

If the friend includes something interesting then support it. For example , your friends be a part of a particular race, support your friend. Should your friend is a singer, then when invited to karaoke just go along.

Who all knows, you too can join in singing. Because you are his friend, definitely you will know likewise his ugliness. Do not let you tell his ugliness to someone else or perhaps your friendly relationship will be broken.

8. Giving sincere praise

After accommodating him, don't forget to praise what he has done. Everyone will be happy to obtain praise, aside from praise it concerning him. But what has to be remembered is usually to give honest praise not be made up.

9. Choose the words carefully, because you cannot pull back.

Choosing the right chat sentence makes us have many good friends and want to give us strategies to our complications. Choosing wise words will help keep us from unnecessary friction.

10. Be a person who can be a place for mutual exchange of ideas

After being a good friend , we should besides make him a friend to share us. We ought to also focus on every issue he is facing. If we only make him our thing to ask for advice without the opposite, of course , over time he will become bored.

11. We must provide support when your friends encounter problems

The essence of association is certainly mutual support so that by giving support to our friends when they get into issues, it will be very useful. Don't let you forget to give him support or suggestions that might help when he is in hassle.

12. Become the person who starts the conversing

Sometimes the right people who are as well awkward to start a connection because of feelings of failure. Therefore , you can budge by first starting a conversation. Beginning with a general experience first, he should not instantly ask about his personal life.

13. Care for friends when they got sick

When you hear a friend is unwell, don't hesitate to visit him. Since when someone is sick and tired, he may need a moral boost from you. This moral get can come out of your advice. Visit yyr firends when they got sick is one of the way how to keep friends .

14. Understanding culture and distinctions

Understand the tradition of the person you will be talking to. Mainly because sometimes the rules they do are different from what you do. By appreciating dissimilarities, you will get sympathy from that person. If you remain indifferent to his lifestyle, don't expect you to be close friends with him because this culture is very sensitive if we don't understand it.

15. Pay attention to what they like

You can ask them about something they like. Like taking them to their favorite eating places or other items. There is no need for a bear to give what this individual likes. It can be a small idea even if they will like it.

16. Don't calm your friends when he is angry

When a friend is irritated, don't try to calm him down. Because, when you're mad, it's the media channels to release each of the emotions of his heart. Angry that is not excessive is likewise good because it can remove negative emotions in us. Wait until the emotions abate and start speaking with him.

17. Smile and laugh.

An effective sense of humor will offer a positive impression. Laugh when you hear your friend's silly jokes. And make it a habit to smile everywhere. But remember, don't play if your center doesn't need to play. Because that can help you underhand to him.

18. Stay in touch

When a get together has ended, make an effort to keep in touch. Be it through whatsapp, SMS, mobile phone, email address, or even just an account on a social network. This kind of aims to keep you in great touch with him so that friendship still continues even when not in concert.